Entry requirements

Junior Certificate or Grade 10


Four (4) months broken down as follows three (3) months at school and the fourth (4th) at an industrial attachment

Industrial attachment conditions

The school’s responsibility is to ensure that its students get industrial experience in Lesotho & internationally

Industrial Achievements to date:
We have placed our Certificate students in foreign countries such as the Republic of South African since inception of the school, in Botswana,Namibia,Ghana & also in Ireland .

Internship duration

Lesotho: 1 month

International: 3 to 6 months

Fee Structures

TOTAL FEE: M11, 550.00

This can be paid all at once or as follows:
M450.00 non-refundable registration fee,
M5, 000.00 deposit upfront and
M6, 100.00 in two consecutive months to satisfy the balance.

NB: The fee above are inclusive of the study materials, chefs uniform excluding chefs’ pants and shoes, practicals lessons.

How to Apply

  • Pay the registration fee ( Certificate or Diploma)

  • Apply online or download and fill in the specific form as per the program of your choice.

  • Only registration forms on Dona@balos letter head will be accepted

  • Registration forms are also available at our offices situated at Thetsane office park, room G13 or in our prestigious restaurant right at Thetsane office park premises in Maseru city

  • If you are to fill in the forms physically, please bring your bank confirmation for registration fee.

Banking Details

  • Bank: Standard Lesotho Bank

  • Branch: City

  • Branch Code: City

  • Account Holder Names: DonaatBalos

  • Account Number: 9080002046152

Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thetsane Office Park, Ha Thetsane
Maseru, Lesotho