Dona@Balos Chef School and Hospitality is a private owned culinary school situated in Maseru Lesotho. It was founded by Chef Donald Moletsane in 2013, and currently the school of its kind in the Mountain kingdom. Dona@Balos is legally recognized with the government of Lesotho, and hence it is a trusted skills development organization. Now Dona@Balos provides Diploma and Certificate programs for students who wish to become vibrant professionals.

Tourism and Hospitality industry of Lesotho depends on organizations such as culinary institutions and hospitality training centers and Dona@Balos is the institution that rose up to fulfill this need with world class culinary skills that that are shaping Lesotho’s hospitality industry with vibrant and innovative young professionals

Our Mission

  • To be the first Internationally recognized Chef & Hospitality institution in Lesotho.

  • To set International standards of the Hospitality Industry within the Country.

  • To create a platform for aspiring Basotho Chefs by showcasing their talent through Culinary Art.

Our Vision

We strive to produce highly creative and qualified Chefs through World Class Training.

Accreditation & Certification

South African Chefs Association

A non-profit industry organisation that has been representing chefs, cooks and caterers at all levels for over 40 years and has in excess 6,000 members. It plays and integral role in the training and continuous improvement of standards in the hospitality industry. Dona@Balos Training Provider

Membership#: 27339

The Ministry of Education & Training

Is a division of the government that aims to develop and implement policies that ensure acquisition of functional literacy among all Basotho, and development of a productive, quality human resource based through education and training.

Dona@balos registration#: 474.011

City & Guilds

We are in the process of acquiring accreditation for centre approval.

Mon - Fri 8:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thetsane Office Park, Ha Thetsane
Maseru, Lesotho